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Spotlight: The Best and “Worst” of Red Carpet Fashion

January 20, 2010

Sunday’s airing of the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards marked the beginning of award season. Knowledgeable movie buffs appreciated seeing their favorite thespians recognized while the other million-plus viewers paid close attention to the red carpet arrivals.

Over the years, the emphasis on red carpet fashion has heightened. Stars in turn, bring their A-game – or at least they’re supposed to. Sunday Night, Twitter was abuzz with many questions:

Why does Chloe Sevigny’s dress have so many ruffles? What in the world was Anna Paquin thinking with the metallic number? Let’s not forget Mariah Carey. She brought her own Golden Globes.

Fashion is subjective, and tulle isn’t for everyone. Somehow, “best and worst of” lists are all over the Web bringing a wider perspective on fashion faux pas. But how much pressure should we really put on celebrity dressing – what determines a red carpet hit or miss?

We applaud celebrities when they remain true to their public selves. We’ve formed opinions based on the movies we see, music we hear, interviews we read and candid photos of their personal lives. We know their every move and our expectations won’t allow for much deviation from the beaten path.

Cathy Horyn, one of my favorite fashion critics, stated in her blog:

It would have been nice to see someone look playful, friendly and sexy — an I-don’t-care-kind-of-girl. Instead the soggy n’ safe red carpet of the Globes served up one-shoulder gowns (Amy Poehler in red Jay Godfrey, Marion Cotillard in black Dior, Drew Barrymore in something beige and stuffy), lots of forceful bosom (Mariah Carey, a convincing battleship in black) and far too many renditions of “Mad Men” hair. Can’t we give it a rest?

Celebs know this and spend hours preparing for their picture perfect arrival. If they’re attempting to appease our ever-changing taste levels, aren’t we then, to blame for poor red carpet selections?

People expect the unexpected from Bjork and funny woman Tina Fey gets a free pass. American sweethearts Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, however, should remain conventional. Diaz wore a red Alexander McQueen gown with matching red lipstick – she wound up on the worst dressed list.

These lists are really of no real consequence – except for a few laughs from fashion critics. We’ve got the SAG Awards and The Grammy’s up next and I’m betting that these so called fashion offenders will be able to redeem themselves.

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