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Fashion Cents: The Accessibility of Fashion

December 23, 2009

“I don’t care about fashion and since I’m not a fashion person like you, I don’t really need designer clothes”…

After hearing this statement more times than I’d care to admit, I realize that there are many misconceptions about fashion. The term “fashion” is subjective and as long as we need to protect ourselves from the natural elements, fashion will matter.

“The only people interested in fashion are shallow, stick-thin airheads who are out of touch with reality.”

That’s fictitious as well.

Fashion insiders are regular folk, most of whom are indifferent to fashion. It’s a business and it operates  like a business.

It is a fact however, that some designer price points are equal to the average family’s annual income but there are also designers and retailers that cater to Middle America. Especially in these rough economical times where stores like Target, H&M, Wal-Mart and Forever 21 are expanding successfully. Thrift stores too.

You can care about your appearance without being vain and you can have a covetable wardrobe without credit card debt. Fashion is in fact accessible to everyone – it’s all about working with what you have – not keeping up with the Joneses.

My closet is pretty solid and has pieces from Wal-Mart and Nordstrom in it.

Strengthen Your Core

I firmly believe that you’re only as good as your core and your undergarments are essential in creating the foundation. Most women don’t know their exact bra size and you can either measure yourself or head to a department store to get fitted.

Also, investing in shapewear (Assets and SPANX ) will work wonders for any outfit.

Discover Your Shape

Instead of wallowing over that size 8 that used to fit, shop for the size you wear now. Identify your body’s shape and wear things that emphasize, not take away from it.

I live for comfortable clothes and would rather wear a mumu than anything else, but because of my curves (I’m the infamous hour-glass shape) certain outfits and dresses drown me out and make me look plump. Bottom line, nothing is flattering about ill-fitting garments.

Refurbish Your Wardrobe

Studies show that we wear 20 percent of the contents in our closet 80 percent of the time, so why waste precious space on items you won’t wear? Less is more. Donate what you no longer wear, store what’s out of season and find a tailor in your neighborhood to do some damage control.

Now, focus on timeless pieces that will last you for years to come like:

–Structured blazers
–Little black dresses
–Chunky knit sweaters
–Opaque and lace tights
–Black trousers
–Fitted t-shirts
–Ballet flats
–Statement Jewelry

Sites like SheFinds and The Budget Fashionista are excellent sources for finding the latest deals.

There are thousands upon thousands of resources to make fashion accessible, so go forth and shine!

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