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Beauty’s Beholder: Matte Nail Polish

November 17, 2009

It’s almost been a year since my last “professional” manicure and I take great pleasure in being able to do my own. I’ve invested in my tools: cuticle pusher, oil, base and top coats and a growing appreciation for quality lacquers that go on heavy.

This fall, it’s all about the “Matte” nails. Dull, no shine nails that are so coveted, OPI, Orly, China Glaze, Zoya and Essie all have their own rendition of it.

Since purchasing OPI’s “Russian Navy” matte lacquer in late October, I’ve worn it three times and counting. That’s major for me, as the only other nail polish that I’ve worn consecutively is OPI’s “You Don’t Know Jacques”.

But before you go to your nearest beauty salon know this: OPI’s matte collection doesn’t last long. My manicure lasted one day before it chipped but to me, that just added to its character.

*Note: OPI has a disclaimer on its matte polish warning users of its limited staying power.
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