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Bidding Adieu: The King of Pop

June 28, 2009


On June 25, 2009 the world as we know it changed. Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, transcended into the heavens leaving behind an entire world to mourn his sudden departure.

I will never forget the feeling of sorrow that overcame me when I received that simple BBM from my sister. “Michael Jackson is being rushed to the hospital. Cardiac Arrest.”  My eyes had to be deceiving me because it was no way that a man who was supposed to live forever was going to die…  I frantically searched Twitter, Facebook and CNN for any news.. and it was all there.  From the A-list Tweeters to my very best friends, they all confirmed that within an hour of my sister’s initial message, Michael Jackson died.

He wasn’t the only casualty that day, Farrah Fawcett left as well. I aimlessly walked around Chelsea in utter disbelief that as the weather in NY finally changed, two people who were icons in their own right left this earth. I didn’t have the words to say but it was evident that music as we know it would NEVER be the same.

But more importantly, his family, his children, were in mourning and I prayed for them. Prayed because an unexpected death is the worst death to deal with. Trust me, I know. I lost three family members in the past 6 years – all unexpectedly.

Michael Jackson was in a class all by himself and he dedicated his entire life to entertaining us… the very people who scrutinized his every move and his personal life. I have fond memories of Michael Jackson and how his music affected my life. There are those dance routines, staying up all night watching videos, the World Premiere videos and being too much of a coward to watch or listen to the song Thriller.. something I still can’t do.

I still sit here in utter disbelief that he is gone. His physical presence we no longer have, but through his music, The King of Pop lives on.


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