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Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2009
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So today is Mother’s Day. One day out of 365, where we are to honor and commemorate the women who played a role in our rearing. The women who did our hair, checked our homework and cooked for us all after a long day’s work. Being a mother is no easy task and I look at my sister, who is a new mom, and thank God silently that I haven’t crossed that bridge yet. That is probably the hardest job out there – other than being President Obama.

On the train this morning, I noticed many people with gifts, cards, flowers and balloons all in honor of Mother’s Day. And while I love the women in my life very much and even found myself sending the such sentiments, I’m left to think.. Why celebrate your mother today when you should be celebrating them everyday?

I mean, honestly, how many people buy the women in their lives something out of obligation of today? I know a ton of people who buy stuff just to give, but don’t do it with a willing heart. So why do something if your heart’s not really in it?

My mom is an amazingly strong woman who has molded me into the person I am today and there really is no Mahogany card that could clearly define how much she means to me. There is no fragrance I can purchase or any monetary donation that I can give her to compensate for all the sacrificing she has done for me over the years. I try my best to do nice things for her all year round, even if it just means cooking dinner without her asking. Trust, it’s those little things that she appreciates the most.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing mother. Not only is she down-to-earth, she hold no punches and will put me in my place in a heartbeat. Her love for me means praying that I make the right choices in my life and disciplining me when necessary.

I know you’re not really that “Internet” savvy mom, but if you come across this posting I love you everyday!

I’m thankful for my mom:

  • Making me take the toilet tissue out of my bra when I was younger – I now have more than enough to compensate for those times 😦
  • Allowing me to have those “sick” days in elementary school, yes I was lying but you knew that kids got exhausted too
  • Holding me accountable when I lied about talking on the phone to boys..  Yes you were right, they are stupid!
  • Making me apply to college – the best thing to ever happen to me
  • Making sure my grades were phenomenal – I wish the Dean’s List could get me a job, but it’s all good!
  • Letting me sleep in your bed with you after watching scary movies – yes, even now and I’m 23.
  • Never giving me EVERYTHING I asked you for – I never needed half of those things, and you knew it
  • Listening to my incoherent babble everyday for a month while I was in Paris – I was homesick, and you expected it
  • For supporting all my dreams, whims and aspirations even when I wasn’t thinking logically
  • For giving me your last $20 so that I could have groceries – self sacrifice is a MOTHER
  • For letting me play in your perfume, clothes and makeup as I grew up – Let me tell you, I’m glad that we wear the same size
  • For keeping me – you could have easily taken the “Morning After” pill, but you didn’t, and for that,I’m more than grateful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there who are doing a swell job of raising those little people! It’s appreciated!



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